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Why simulate?

The use of a circuit simulator is more and more necessary in teaching electrical engineering :

  Why Pspice?

Among many softwares on the market, Pspice has various advantages:

The professional version of Pspice is far too expensive for most of us. But fortunately there is the demo version which is completely free and easily obtainable.

A demo version is always limited, of course, but here the limit is only in the number of connections which one can simulate. All the other functionalities are available.

We have been using Pspice in electrical engineering courses for three years. For this purpose we developed a library of especially adapted components. We thus manage to take into account all the aspects of an electrotechnical system: power electronics, mechanics, regulation, with only one software. Moreover a free software!

The object of this article is to demonstrate this whith a classic example : the speed control of a DC motor.